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Fibreglass Roofing & other Fibreglass Constructions

Point Hill Properties Ltd. now offer a unique, durable, cost effective replacement for traditional felting of flat roofs. It is also an affordable alternative for lead roofing. The material is easily shaped to make mouldings and gullies etc. to meet the architects requirements.

We make our own moulds and have a trained team that specialise in Fibreglass Roofing but can also apply these skills to other uses eg wetrooms, swimming pools and ponds.

Fibreglass has been around for years and has been used in the boating industry because of its waterproof qualities. We take the product to a new level with our flat roofing services.

Photos of a Fibreglass building construction.

CGI : Fibreglass construction Photo: Fibreglass installation 1
Photo: Fibreglass installation 2 Photo: Fibreglass installation 3
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